Friday, 6 April 2018


(Im sorry but these posts are the wrong way round. Still trying to work out how to fix it )

Im Sian and welcome to my blog.  So I thought I would start blogging again as a little place just for me to have fun and write about whatever takes my fancy.
So given that I am re-starting my blog I have bought myself a new planner for the occasion. Its a Kikki K ballet pink large planner and I am so excited for it to arrive. (Its the little things in life that make us happy is'nt it?)  I have another planner from Kikki K which is a coral perforated one and I did deliberate on whether or not I should get a new one but it is just so beautiful that in the end I thought, go for it. I will show you my new one when it arrives all box fresh and cute.

Is anyone one else obsessed with blush pink at the moment or just me? I never ever cared about pink until about 2 years ago and then I just couldnt get enough of it. I have a cute little pink kettle and lots of pink cups  and bunting in my kitchen. My bathroom also has pink accents as does my attic study but the rest of the house is left alone. (I'm sure my husband is secretly pleased about that).

Thanks for reading and would love you to leave a comment.

Sian x

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