Monday, 26 March 2018

The Season is Starting again...

Here where I live is a tourist area. The winters are quiet and empty other than the people who live here and its lovely but each year it takes me by surprise when I start to see the caravans arriving. I forget how the shops become full of tourists and the shelves empty of food. How getting anywhere takes twice as long because of extra traffic. How the beach is crowded with people and little children building their sandcastles. The long queues outside the icecream shops. When my children were little we spent days at the beach with hastily thrown together picnics, buckets and spades or just little trips for a walk and an icecream.


At the moment, right this minute though, its the calm before the storm. They will all be arriving for Easter on Friday so I will be going to do my weekly shop and get my Easter eggs before then.

Sian x

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