Sunday, 27 April 2014

Does Size Matter...


Mannequins are helpful for showing us what clothes look like on the female form. They enable us to imagine what the outfit might look like on us. Trouble is when we take our "dress" (or whatever we are trying on) into the changing room and put it on, we can sometimes feel deflated if we don't look as good in it as the mannequin did. Our whole body image crumbled in minutes. But what if the mannequin had been a bigger size, more like the average woman.

If we were to see more dummies that looked more like the average 14/16 woman  we wouldn't feel so bad when trying on clothes, would we? Wouldn't this size 16 mannequin increase body confidence.  The average mannequin is 5ft 11 and a size 6 to 8. Hardly normal proportions at all. Woman are more likely to buy an item when they don't feel judged for failing to be the sometimes impossibly sized 6/8.
Years ago mannequins were bigger to reflect the times in that wealthy people could afford more food and were fatter.
In recent years mannequins have even had bigger breasts to represent the increased number of women having breast enlargement.
Its funny how body sizes change fashionwise isn't it. From looking like an hourglass to boyshaped and back to hourglass again. I think it would be good to have even more mannequins to represent the different body shapes not just body sizes.
What do you think?
Sian x



  1. Hello,Ciao...nice post...Yes,Size Matter...especiall the Brain's size...haha...
    Greetings from Sicily

  2. It is a tough one. When we had the shop we used standard "no head attached" mannequins which were fairly straight up and down and a size 12. This was far easier and I have never liked 'realistic' mannequins and don't pay too much attention to them. Big booby mannequins for bikinis is just depressing (looks down at her knots on cotton) H xx