Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Whats your signature style......

Lovely Rosie

Effortlessly stylish Kate

For me these two styles sum up the style I aim for. Simple, uncluttered plain items that you can add your own signature touches to. I love blank canvas clothing that doesn't wear me the same way that patterns and flowers do. I have always disliked them ever since the 70s when my Mothers friends all seemed to be wearing big flowery dresses. I like to add scarves with a small flower on if I am hankering after the prettiness of them.

I like the look of relaxed unfussy clothes that feel part of you and not trying to hard....even when Im going somewhere more formal.  Maybe its my upbringing in Australia that brought about this attitude ......long lazy days spent on the beach and endless years of sunshine and warmth. Perhaps our upbringing does have some bearing on our "style"......does yours?

This is Shell Beach in Western Australia where I spent a lot of lovely lazy days growing up.

Where did you grow up?

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentines Day...

Do you love it or hate it? Maybe it depends upon whether or not you have a Valentine to buy that card for. Some people hate it as they see it as nothing but commercialism and refuse to buy into the idea that there is a special day to show their significant other how much they love them. I remember when I was younger and didn't have a boyfriend how much I envied people who did have someone to buy a card for. It seemed to me that it was a day I was excluded from and I often wondered if I would ever find "the one". So that said I do love it and I enjoy choosing a card for my Husband and even more receiving one from him and going out for dinner. We still do "date night" at least once a week though but Valentines Day is just special.