Monday, 9 December 2013

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.......

Its here.........that mad time when the shops are filled with people desperate to get just the right present for each person. Most of us put so much effort into it don't we, in an effort to get it just right.
I haven't started my Christmas Shopping yet, I usually wait till two weeks before as it sort of adds to the excitement of it all but can also be a bit stressful if they run out of the thing you want. I havnt put my tree up yet. My husband usually goes to the forest and chooses the one he likes and brings it home and the kids decorate it. I do my food shop at midnight when the supermarket is really quiet and then it is a breeze. No bumping into other trollies or trying to grab the last pack of mince pies. Everything is being freshly stocked and I rather enjoy the peace that only comes to a supermarket late at night.
One of the things I do love is going to the little towns near where I live to get those special presents that you just cant get in the chain stores. I love the way the little towns near me make their High Streets look. Hopefully it will snow as well, I would love a white Christmas.......would you?

Its already soooo cold here in the moutains. I have my lovely down coat and have been using it for the last month or two and its amazingly warm. Just what I wanted after years of freezing each winter.
Im still on the look out for a pair of snow type boots though. Still looking for these at a good price...

They are just so cute.

Im also on the lookout for something lovely to wear Christmas Day......

I love this would definitely keep me warm whilst looking stylish on Christmas Day.

Oooo and I have these shoes to go with it.

Both of these are from Next.

Hope your enjoying your Christmas shopping and not finding it toooo stressful.

Don't forget the sellotape.........!!!!