Saturday, 5 October 2013

Do we really need new clothes...

I don't have a lot of clothes but I have enough but I still have many many days when I go to the wardrobe and feel that there is nothing in there for me to wear. Something that I might have worn last week I now feel is not right for me. I have been know to cull my wardrobe and get rid of a load of items and then regret it weeks later when I wonder where the item has gone. Then I remember that it went in the cull and I cant for the life of me remember why!

Maybe its how I feel about myself that day or maybe its because the colour just doesn't look right. I have been on a forum about wearing your "colours". Its very interesting and I am wondering if this is the reason why I don't always like what I see in the wardrobe or indeed the mirror. I tend to wear a lot of greys ranging from dark charcoal to light soft grey. Until I looked at this forum I hadn't really thought about what unites my clothes and makes them come together. I think that after working out that I am a warm Autumn that I can see how using your colours could bring everything together and make some sense out of it all. If I added golds and mustards and warm browny corals and touches of olive green then I  could see that my wardrobe would work better. So I have decided that when I am out shopping now that I will buy scarves and gloves in my chosen colours and start from there. I certainly notice the difference when I put different cardigans on as to how my eyes suddenly look really dark green and my hair looks a warmer shade of gold blond. My skin seems to look better too.

It could make going to the wardrobe each morning and pleasure and less clothes will end up all over the bed and the floor.

Do you know your own colours and do you use them in your wardrobe?

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