Saturday, 3 August 2013

You know its nearly Autumn when......

The September issue of Vogue is out.

Its the biggest issue of the year and its a "back to school" type issue for people interested in what the autumn style will be. So exciting......I love Summer but cant wait to get my new Clarks suede biker boots out. I have started collecting my autumn / winter wardrobe already. The boots,  a lovely below the knee  soft blue grey cotton brushed cotton and wool  skirt , a long sleeveless soft blue waistcoat that will look gorgeous with a little tan belt around it. A soft denimy blue semi fitted dress, a soft charcoal  grey wool  long sleeveless tunic. I have also a lovely big shopper that is made of felted wool and is navy blue and grey with a tan leather handle. Think Im going to be wearing a lot of grey and blue this winter ha ha!!. Most of my finds are from ebay which I source daily for interesting pieces to add to my wardrobe.

Is it just me or is there already an Autumnal feel in the air? Just a subtle change, the sound, the feeling......!  I live in a holiday area and all the tourists have arrived this last week and its so funny to see them in the sea when we locals are wrapped up in our cardigans. Its almost as if they have come on holiday so they are going to go into the sea come what may. Perhaps they are made of sterner stuff than me. Still I love walking along the beach, collecting shells and eating my lovely real local made vanilla icecream. Yum!! A bit of rain doesn't make them come out of the sea either. Im sure there are lots of lovely Summer days left though but I cant has so far been a wonderful Summer here...........


  1. I'm too mean to buy Vogue, I have really gone off the UK one, although do occasionally splurge on the US one. Post the best bits,!

    1. O I love American magazines. Used to read them when I was growing up in Australia.