Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Its here......maybe......Spring that is. I have hardly been outside in the last couple of months as here in the mountains its been freezing and snowing constantly.

but its very beautiful....

So I have ventured outside for what seems like the first time in absolutely ages and look what I saw in our field.....

Awwww......he is soooo sweet just lying there with his head turned towards the sun, soaking it all up.
There are a few daffodils around too so its all looking promising.

As I was saying though, its been so cold the last couple of winters and I have been looking for the perfect long coat as I miss not going for long walks when its freezing and have been waiting for the one I want to come down in price and today it did and I ordered it.....Yay......so pleased.

So next winter (and probably still some of this spring) I will be warm and snug. Now I just need to find the perfect snow boots!

and I quite like these.....
But anyway, back to spring and I have started buying some spring type clothes, well transitional type clothes really cause it never really gets all that hot here. First of all I wanted a really gorgeous pair of slim bootcut jeans as my old ones have worn out. Having looked at the fashion forcast, it would seem that bootcuts are back in fashion (but I have always loved them for their leg flattering abilities).


Throw in a few cardi's and tunics......

And a couple of silk tops....

There all on my wish list at the moment and that list does seem to get longer and longer. Thing is, I like to have a good look around, then look in my wardrobe and plan what will go with what. To me the looking and the planning is the most enjoyable part of clothes shopping. I also think when your older (over 45 in my case) that you want to choose things that feel like they are part of you already. Things that go with a lot of other stuff in your wardrobe and things that make you smile when you put them on and you feel, like you!


  1. Hi
    Like the pink spotted scarf and the jacket the the post below, I have one very similar. Glad I found your blog.

    1. Hi
      Thanks for looking. I love the spotty scarf on your latest post too. I saw a similar one last year in "White Stuff." I should have got it really....never mind.