Friday, 12 April 2013

Hi, bit of a lazy day today (too much time spent surfing the internet) but I did manage to fit in a quick twenty minute session in my little gym. Im doing mainly weights as I want to build up muscle tone and lose a couple of dress sizes. I don't really believe in diets as they mess with my head and I end up not listening to what by body is telling me. I tend to go with the "eat when Im hungry" philosophy and eat what I want ( which is usually lots of salad or veg or fruit) even if it is a Mr. Kipling's Cherry Bakewell. mmmmmm!!!! they are my new thing and I deserve one after all that weight lifting. . .

For me lifting weights gives my body back the shape that getting older seems to take away.  I have slim arms but I can see a bit of a shake in those triceps when I wave to someone. Also I feel so much better after a session, as though I have really worked each part of my body. And of course summer is on its way. . . . isn't it????

Im only ten minutes from the beach so I love to spend time walking along the sand eating a real icecream, watching all the holiday makers playing in the sea.
As I said earlier, I spent far to much time on the internet today (well I was studying but got distracted rather too easily) and bought myself a little red shirt dress for a real bargin so now Im on the lookout for the perfect pair of shoes to go with it.
the dress isn't quite this red, more the shade of the shoes below
mmmmm. . . . think these little beauties from yesterdays post will look perfect.
with maybe a little yellow cardi
and a soft as butter lemon suede bag
and do you remember the lovely bootcuts I posted the other day, well I found the most perfect bag to go with them.
I love the feel of suede, so soft and touchy feely.
Well as this was a late post,  Im off to bed now and tomorrow I might just go and get those lovely red shoes. I will let you know. 


  1. Love the red and mustard items. I'd buy those too! Great choices.

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Thank you. Im just starting out in this blogging world and its not always easy to find other blogs that you like, so was glad to find yours. Im studying for a degree as a mature student as well as having a husband and two grown up kids, so I don't get as much time as I would like to do it but will get back into it soon. Nice to meet you x