Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hello. . . Well we have rain and sunshine today here in the mountains in North Wales and a bit cold BUT my new coat that I showed you on my last post has arrived. . .  Yay Its so warm and snuggly while still being very stylish as it goes in at the waist. Its filled with down and feathers. I am going to go out in the rain in a while to give it a proper road test.

Yesterday I went out with my lovely husband to do a bit of  "man shopping" and by that I mean DIY materials, paints, varnishes. . . .stuff like that, as were doing up our kitchen at the moment. Being a very old cottage it requires a lot of preparation before we can even begin to paint.

So while he went off to do his stuff I decided to pop over the Next and have a little look at this seasons new colours.
There is a lot of items in a warm coral this year teamed up with white, cream, black and blue. Also there was a little bit of cerise pink. . . a colour that I remember being big in the 80's. 
Then I saw these two tops which I think would look really stylish with a long necklace.

loved this heart belt
and these beautiful lady shoes caught my eye

and these cute little ballet flats
and I was sooooo excited to see the "sunnies" section. Tried a few on but didn't buy any as its just not warm enough yet.  Im sure that I am going to get caught out and I will wake up one morning and it will be hot hot hot!!!! And, I wont have a thing to wear. ha ha.
Well,  Im off to go for that walk I was talking about and yes. . . .  its still raining !


  1. Love these shoes, ESPECIALLY the red ones :-)

    1. Hi Debbie. . . I know. . .those shoes are sooo gorgeous aren't they and there not too high but still sexy as hell!!

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