Monday, 9 December 2013

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.......

Its here.........that mad time when the shops are filled with people desperate to get just the right present for each person. Most of us put so much effort into it don't we, in an effort to get it just right.
I haven't started my Christmas Shopping yet, I usually wait till two weeks before as it sort of adds to the excitement of it all but can also be a bit stressful if they run out of the thing you want. I havnt put my tree up yet. My husband usually goes to the forest and chooses the one he likes and brings it home and the kids decorate it. I do my food shop at midnight when the supermarket is really quiet and then it is a breeze. No bumping into other trollies or trying to grab the last pack of mince pies. Everything is being freshly stocked and I rather enjoy the peace that only comes to a supermarket late at night.
One of the things I do love is going to the little towns near where I live to get those special presents that you just cant get in the chain stores. I love the way the little towns near me make their High Streets look. Hopefully it will snow as well, I would love a white Christmas.......would you?

Its already soooo cold here in the moutains. I have my lovely down coat and have been using it for the last month or two and its amazingly warm. Just what I wanted after years of freezing each winter.
Im still on the look out for a pair of snow type boots though. Still looking for these at a good price...

They are just so cute.

Im also on the lookout for something lovely to wear Christmas Day......

I love this would definitely keep me warm whilst looking stylish on Christmas Day.

Oooo and I have these shoes to go with it.

Both of these are from Next.

Hope your enjoying your Christmas shopping and not finding it toooo stressful.

Don't forget the sellotape.........!!!!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Do we really need new clothes...

I don't have a lot of clothes but I have enough but I still have many many days when I go to the wardrobe and feel that there is nothing in there for me to wear. Something that I might have worn last week I now feel is not right for me. I have been know to cull my wardrobe and get rid of a load of items and then regret it weeks later when I wonder where the item has gone. Then I remember that it went in the cull and I cant for the life of me remember why!

Maybe its how I feel about myself that day or maybe its because the colour just doesn't look right. I have been on a forum about wearing your "colours". Its very interesting and I am wondering if this is the reason why I don't always like what I see in the wardrobe or indeed the mirror. I tend to wear a lot of greys ranging from dark charcoal to light soft grey. Until I looked at this forum I hadn't really thought about what unites my clothes and makes them come together. I think that after working out that I am a warm Autumn that I can see how using your colours could bring everything together and make some sense out of it all. If I added golds and mustards and warm browny corals and touches of olive green then I  could see that my wardrobe would work better. So I have decided that when I am out shopping now that I will buy scarves and gloves in my chosen colours and start from there. I certainly notice the difference when I put different cardigans on as to how my eyes suddenly look really dark green and my hair looks a warmer shade of gold blond. My skin seems to look better too.

It could make going to the wardrobe each morning and pleasure and less clothes will end up all over the bed and the floor.

Do you know your own colours and do you use them in your wardrobe?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Body Image

Im very low maintenance. Do my own nails, my own hair, love shopping for amazing bargins on ebay. I don't do labels at all. Never have. My makeup lasts a long time and I buy whatever suits...expensive or cheap. Use a baby wipe in the morning to take off last nights makeup, a bit of moisturiser and makeup, wash hair, blow dry and im done.....or am I???
I love style but not so much fashion. I like to work with my body shape which is a tall hourglass. I like to look relaxed in my clothes rather than trying to hard. I think I achieve this but sometimes I look at what I have on and think it looks great and then I can look again hours later and think "What on earth was I thinking". Its still the same outfit but the way I see myself has changed. This can be influenced by seeing another woman who I think looks better than me or just catching a glimpse of myself in a mirror and then judging myself.  Do most women think like this or is it just me?


Monday, 30 September 2013

The nights are drawing in and the fires are lit........

Ive started going for lovely autumnal walks in the mountains at dusk. I had forgotten how beautiful it is at this time of the year.  Lots of apples on the trees and on the ground and I have been picking lovely bunches of flowers too.

I have been baking lots of blackberry and apple pies with all the berries from the garden and lashings of cream.  Soooo good!

I had my White Stuff catalogue through the post this week and im loving some of the cute clothing in there. I used to sell White Stuff Clothes in the boutique I used to run and always found the quality to be very good. I coveted each and every one of their knitwear items and could quite easily see my wages disappearing each week.

Not so sure about the stuffed animals in the photos though!!!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

You know its nearly Autumn when......

The September issue of Vogue is out.

Its the biggest issue of the year and its a "back to school" type issue for people interested in what the autumn style will be. So exciting......I love Summer but cant wait to get my new Clarks suede biker boots out. I have started collecting my autumn / winter wardrobe already. The boots,  a lovely below the knee  soft blue grey cotton brushed cotton and wool  skirt , a long sleeveless soft blue waistcoat that will look gorgeous with a little tan belt around it. A soft denimy blue semi fitted dress, a soft charcoal  grey wool  long sleeveless tunic. I have also a lovely big shopper that is made of felted wool and is navy blue and grey with a tan leather handle. Think Im going to be wearing a lot of grey and blue this winter ha ha!!. Most of my finds are from ebay which I source daily for interesting pieces to add to my wardrobe.

Is it just me or is there already an Autumnal feel in the air? Just a subtle change, the sound, the feeling......!  I live in a holiday area and all the tourists have arrived this last week and its so funny to see them in the sea when we locals are wrapped up in our cardigans. Its almost as if they have come on holiday so they are going to go into the sea come what may. Perhaps they are made of sterner stuff than me. Still I love walking along the beach, collecting shells and eating my lovely real local made vanilla icecream. Yum!! A bit of rain doesn't make them come out of the sea either. Im sure there are lots of lovely Summer days left though but I cant has so far been a wonderful Summer here...........

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Lazy Days of Summer


It has been lovely here in Wales for the last month and now were in for another heatwave....yay!!
I grew up in Australia so enjoy the warmth of the sun on my body and I feel so much better mentally when I take in all that natural light.....its like a real tonic. I tend to take St. Johns Wort in the winter and autumn months to give me that little bit of extra positiveness.  I have finally got round to sorting out my winter clothes and putting them away in bin bags and putting my summer ones in the wardrobe. So it must be Summer!!  Im also looking on ebay and in the shops for some lovely little pieces to fill some gaps. Do you like ebay?  I love having a good rummage around on it in the evening to see if there is anything I really want. I can have pages of saved watched items but I rarely buy anything over £10.00. I think I enjoy the thrill of getting something nearly new for almost nothing. Some of my favourite labels I look for are Monsoon, White Stuff, Noa Noa,, Odd Molly, Next, and Avoca. Whats yours?

So I have been looking for some Summer shoes this week and heres what I have found.......







Im loving blues, whites and creams this Summer and a touch of orange. Love how Tesco does things at such a good price and you can easily style things up with a leather belt and some jewellery and look expensive.  Ive never found that I need to spend a lot on me its all in the way you style and wear it although I will happily spend more for a coveted item or two.

I going to Portmeirion this week.....its one of my favourite places and its only 5 minutes down the road and they have a lovely beach to walk along.  See you soon.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Hi, bit of a lazy day today (too much time spent surfing the internet) but I did manage to fit in a quick twenty minute session in my little gym. Im doing mainly weights as I want to build up muscle tone and lose a couple of dress sizes. I don't really believe in diets as they mess with my head and I end up not listening to what by body is telling me. I tend to go with the "eat when Im hungry" philosophy and eat what I want ( which is usually lots of salad or veg or fruit) even if it is a Mr. Kipling's Cherry Bakewell. mmmmmm!!!! they are my new thing and I deserve one after all that weight lifting. . .

For me lifting weights gives my body back the shape that getting older seems to take away.  I have slim arms but I can see a bit of a shake in those triceps when I wave to someone. Also I feel so much better after a session, as though I have really worked each part of my body. And of course summer is on its way. . . . isn't it????

Im only ten minutes from the beach so I love to spend time walking along the sand eating a real icecream, watching all the holiday makers playing in the sea.
As I said earlier, I spent far to much time on the internet today (well I was studying but got distracted rather too easily) and bought myself a little red shirt dress for a real bargin so now Im on the lookout for the perfect pair of shoes to go with it.
the dress isn't quite this red, more the shade of the shoes below
mmmmm. . . . think these little beauties from yesterdays post will look perfect.
with maybe a little yellow cardi
and a soft as butter lemon suede bag
and do you remember the lovely bootcuts I posted the other day, well I found the most perfect bag to go with them.
I love the feel of suede, so soft and touchy feely.
Well as this was a late post,  Im off to bed now and tomorrow I might just go and get those lovely red shoes. I will let you know. 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hello. . . Well we have rain and sunshine today here in the mountains in North Wales and a bit cold BUT my new coat that I showed you on my last post has arrived. . .  Yay Its so warm and snuggly while still being very stylish as it goes in at the waist. Its filled with down and feathers. I am going to go out in the rain in a while to give it a proper road test.

Yesterday I went out with my lovely husband to do a bit of  "man shopping" and by that I mean DIY materials, paints, varnishes. . . .stuff like that, as were doing up our kitchen at the moment. Being a very old cottage it requires a lot of preparation before we can even begin to paint.

So while he went off to do his stuff I decided to pop over the Next and have a little look at this seasons new colours.
There is a lot of items in a warm coral this year teamed up with white, cream, black and blue. Also there was a little bit of cerise pink. . . a colour that I remember being big in the 80's. 
Then I saw these two tops which I think would look really stylish with a long necklace.

loved this heart belt
and these beautiful lady shoes caught my eye

and these cute little ballet flats
and I was sooooo excited to see the "sunnies" section. Tried a few on but didn't buy any as its just not warm enough yet.  Im sure that I am going to get caught out and I will wake up one morning and it will be hot hot hot!!!! And, I wont have a thing to wear. ha ha.
Well,  Im off to go for that walk I was talking about and yes. . . .  its still raining !

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Its here......maybe......Spring that is. I have hardly been outside in the last couple of months as here in the mountains its been freezing and snowing constantly.

but its very beautiful....

So I have ventured outside for what seems like the first time in absolutely ages and look what I saw in our field.....

Awwww......he is soooo sweet just lying there with his head turned towards the sun, soaking it all up.
There are a few daffodils around too so its all looking promising.

As I was saying though, its been so cold the last couple of winters and I have been looking for the perfect long coat as I miss not going for long walks when its freezing and have been waiting for the one I want to come down in price and today it did and I ordered pleased.

So next winter (and probably still some of this spring) I will be warm and snug. Now I just need to find the perfect snow boots!

and I quite like these.....
But anyway, back to spring and I have started buying some spring type clothes, well transitional type clothes really cause it never really gets all that hot here. First of all I wanted a really gorgeous pair of slim bootcut jeans as my old ones have worn out. Having looked at the fashion forcast, it would seem that bootcuts are back in fashion (but I have always loved them for their leg flattering abilities).


Throw in a few cardi's and tunics......

And a couple of silk tops....

There all on my wish list at the moment and that list does seem to get longer and longer. Thing is, I like to have a good look around, then look in my wardrobe and plan what will go with what. To me the looking and the planning is the most enjoyable part of clothes shopping. I also think when your older (over 45 in my case) that you want to choose things that feel like they are part of you already. Things that go with a lot of other stuff in your wardrobe and things that make you smile when you put them on and you feel, like you!