Monday, 16 January 2017


So the snow didnt amount to much here, the mountains looked lovely but not much on ground level. We stocked up on candles and coal just in case.

I like January. To me its a time for renewal. For planning what I want to get from this new year. My hopes and aspirations. I dont always see them through you understand but planning is the best bit.
I really do need to get more exercise this year. I can literally feel myself stiffing up after being inside too long so one of my goals is to walk more. The others (exercise wise) are muscle toning and some yoga (to help with the stiffness you see).

My husband made me a lovely little attic office last year, up in the eaves and its a place I can go and dream and design my world. It inspires me just being in it. Im hoping to get my little business going from strength to strength this year and that is the place where it all happens.

Do you know what the best thing about January is though, relaxing by the fire watching films and lighting candles.


Sunday, 31 January 2016


What a winter we have had. Nothing but rain, wind and more rain since mid October. It would have been lovely to have had those crisp cold sunny winter days that we have had in the last couple of years or even some proper snow but so far just the wind and the rain. Its meant that I haven't been getting much light at all and I think it affects me. Well, I know it affects me and that's why I take St. Johns Wort tincture. It seems to keep me more upbeat when the weather is like this.

Anyway, enough moaning about the weather. I have been busy on a project at home turning my spare room into a study for me to work in and a place for my daughter to sleep when she stays over. Got a lovely sofa bed that looks good and also quickly converts to a bed without causing any problems. My husband has also put a desk in for me so now I am choosing a new rug and table lamp. Of course I will want fairy lights and hearts hanging here and there but all that will come once the basics are done.

love these lamps

Im not sure what type to go for. I didn't really want a desk lamp as it is not the look I am going for. Table lamps though don't always provide enough light. Think I need to go on Pinterest for some ideas dont you?

I also want a rug but want it to be neutral to keep the room light and then I can add colour with accessories.

Curtains still yet to be looked at but when I have finished I will put pictures up.  So exciting to have my own little workspace. Cant wait.

Sian x                                                                                                      

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Baby its cold outside...

Plenty of snow here on the mountains but none yet at ground level. My husband and I went on a winter picnic there other day so I could take some photos of the snow on Snowdon.

This is the spot where we had our picnic. Flask of steaming hot coffee, home made honey baked ham sandwiches and some Battenberg to finish off. Was lovely!!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Personal Planners and Diaries

Do you use them? I have just bought  one from Kikki. K and Im so excited to receive it. I spent nearly a whole day researching different types and decided on this.

I plan to restart my little business this Spring so need to get much more organised. Also want to put my fitness goals down and recipes. There are so many options for adding more pages and there are really cute stickers if you want to personalise it. Things have definitely moved on since the days of the basic Filofax and diary.

Well, I went bargain hunting last week but didn't get anything in the end from Marks. Unfortunately the two long knitted tunics on my last blog were not there and there was nothing else that took my eye. I'm actually really careful when I buy clothes and always do a mental inventory on my wardrobe before I purchase to make sure that it will go with what I already have. I love a capsule wardrobe as it does make getting ready easier and more fuss free. I also take forever to decide which can be very frustrating at times.

It wasn't a complete waste of time though as I did get to stop and have a cup of tea and a lovely piece of red velvet cake, which I had never tasted before. So delicious!!!

Hope you have a good week and would love to hear if others have personal planners and what you do with yours.

Sian x

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year

This was the candle I put up in place of my Christmas tree when we took it down a couple of days ago. Just felt so much fresher without it and Christmas was gone. When the kids were little we kept it up but now they are older its just nice to welcome in the New Year with a clear space.

So did you buy anything in the sales yet? I have my eye on a few things but waiting it out to see if they come down even more. I do love a bargain. Here are some of the bits I am after.

This lot are from Marks and Spencer. Some are out of stock on line but I am intending to go to Marks next week and seek out my items.

Also have my eye on this

Its from White Stuff and is in the sale. Need a bag this size to fill up!

I wont get all of these items of course. Couldn't afford it but they are some that I like but I will have a better look when I see them in store.

This year I want to sort out my clothes. I have been putting it off but would love to put them in a more orderly fashion. I have a clothes rail and am looking on pinterest for ideas on the best way to organise. Not sure whether to do it by colour or put them together as outfits so I am more ready to go.
I seem to find myself wearing the same things over and over again rather than putting effort into really styling myself. I think working from home has something to do with it. I tend to just pull on a pair of jeans/leggings, warm long vest top, another long sleeved top and a long woollen tunic. I think this has sort of become my uniform so I need to change things up a little.

Will let you know how I get on.



Thursday, 3 December 2015

Coatigans and New Boots

I love Instagram for finding fabulous ladies who have amazing dress sense that I can identify with.
One such lady always looks brilliant. She dresses in a relaxed but totally pulled together way that never looks like she has tried too hard. My style exactly. She has been wearing a lovely Coatigan for the last few months and it seemed to have sold out in my nearest Asda shop and online BUT whilst admiring her in it again today she told me that they had them in her local shop. I immediately went online to see if they were there and YaY!!!! they were. So I immediately bought one. Be rude not too really ! haha.

This is the said coatigan...

Its more of a mustardy colour in real life. Cant wait to get it.

Another great purchase was a lovely pair of suede boots my Mum and Dad bought me from Marks and Spencer.

I have a thing for suede and camel. These are really comfy and go really well with dresses, skirts and with skinnies tucked in. Especially love camel with black, navy blue, brown and white in Summer.

I already have this Clarks bag which goes so well with the boots.

See, told you I have a bit of a thing for suede and camel!

Sian x

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Christmas is Coming...

O my, its only 3 weeks. Where did November go. I have been doing some Christmas shopping over the last couple of months. Trying to buy things as and when I see them rather than wait till the last minute. I shall be going shopping with my daughter this weekend and we will be getting lots of Christmas decorations for the house. She has her own place but will be home for Christmas.
Im loving these little characters ...

And who doesn't want a sign

My daughter has been busy making her amazing Christmas cake. She makes it a couple of months before and then feeds it weekly with booze. It is delicious and the best cake I have ever had.

I love my little tea light holders and love the nights coming and lighting them and putting the fairy lights on. I actually put the fairy lights on about midday as they help to lift the spirits.

Of course my favourite thing is the fire. Its lit every morning to keep the house warm and it is definitely the heart of our home.

Sian x